Blu Radisson Royal Hotel, Brussels - 27-10-2011

"Successful leaders & corporations on innovations to favour their future!"

Presided by Axel Miller, Managing Director Petercam, and with the support of Réginald Vermeiren, CEO (XGM) Marketing Group,The Federation of Enterprises of Belgium

Moderator: Alex Puissant

The evolution on a world or worldwide level drive our companies to integrate the challenges of our era: competition with countries with low cost wages, pressure on raw materials necessary evolution towards the choice of energy sources, slower population growth, aging and multi-cultural populations in Europe, the rise of the new generations and new values (quality of life, solidarity, integrity,competition of talents,

The key to the success of a company, in this environment, is to be and to stay competitive through costs (wages, purchases and processes...) and / or with innovative products of a high value (technical, emotional) or through singular propositions!

How should companies go about an innovation at 360°, technologies, creativity, entrepreneurial culture, values, networks?

Which are the companies and exemplary achievements? And how do they manage? (private sector and non-profit).

What is the role of the leadership and which talents are required to pilot these innovations?


  • Emmanuel  de Talhouët - CEO, AXA Belgium
  • Alain Flausch - CEO, STIB/MIVB
  • Christ'l Joris - President of the Board, Etap Lighting
  • Axel Miller - Managing Director, Petercam
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  • Jacques Platieau - Country General Manager Belgium/Luxembourg, IBM
  • Didier Tshidimba - Managing Partner, Roland Berger Strategic Consultants
  • Henri van der Vaeren - CEO, SAP
  • Harry van Dorenmalen - Chairman, IBM Europe
  • Frank Van Massenhove - President, FPS Social Security

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